Herding Cats

Herding Cats

Herding Cats

When you have 15 independent photographers and you need to get them moving in one direction it’s like herding cats, as one member put it. That became the theme of our recent workshop and annual meeting of the Vision 18 Collective. When a decision was to be made, the thread would start with Cat Herding Time, it became such a joke (and not) that one member brought a vintage bottle of red wine to the gathering, named, you guessed it Herding Cats. Then another member thought it would be great fun to photograph us all wearing cat masks! Which the other zoo goers thought quite amusing. In the end we did  manage to herd the cats and had a great time in the process. So if ever someone tells you, you can’t herd cats, tell them it can be done, just allow plenty of time.

The Cats photo by Cristy Cumberworth

The Cats

Thanks to Cristy Cumberworth for the use of her photograph  “The Cats”.


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Professional Equine Photographer, Member of the Vision 18 Collective, NPPA, NAPP, Editorial Photographers
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