Yes you read correctly, there was snow, lots of it, in South Louisiana. My daughter and Granddaughter awoke me at 4 am to tell me it was snowing. I thought sure; a few flurries would dance across the yard. To my utter surprise, when I looked out the door there were big fat snowflakes falling from the sky and doing so with fury. Within a few minutes, the back patio table was covered and within 40 minutes the piles were at least 5 inches deep. It was a veritable winter wonderland.

We ventured out to pick up my 9 year old grandson, and decided to make it a family affair; even Jake the Bullador (half Bulldog, half Labrador) rode with us. In a 2 mile stretch of road there were at least 4 vehicles on the side of the road. I wondered if they couldn’t see the road itself, or just couldn’t see through the blinding white fluff.

I grabbed my camera as soon as it was daylight, going to finally get a photograph of a horse in snow! The horses were not very cooperative; they really just wanted to eat their hay. So I turned my attention to the kids, who were building Boudreaux the snowman between snow ball fights. After Boudreaux had eyes, a button nose and hat, we came in to put on dry clothes and drink some hot chocolate.

Boudreaux, The Snowman!

Boudreaux, The Snowman!

It was gone by early afternoon, but we have that memory to hold on to while we wait for the next big snow…in 10 years or so.

If  you’d like to see a few more shots from the day visit my snow gallery.


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