Kentucky Winter

If I need a reminder of why I live in the Deep South, it came this week. I am in Kentucky. My husband was from Kentucky and swore it was a Southern state, but I knew it was a border state! It doesn’t get this cold in the real South! The high today was below freezing with a “brisk” wind blowing. That means I didn’t bring enough warm clothes. Just long sleeved t-shirts, which it was too hot at home to wear, and a fleece pull over and a heavy jacket! I needed a ski suit todayto block the wind as I walked from the building to the car. There was also a dusting of snow flurries, that funny white stuff they show on the weather channel. I’ve decided it needs to stay there, on the weather channel, inside the flat screen and not in MY reality.

When I fondly remember living in the upper South, I always forget the winter months. I return next next week to the Deep South. To sunshine and warm breezes and short sleeve shirts. I leave behind my brief visit with winter. I keep reminding myself that I’ll be longing for this weather in August when the temperature reaches 105 with a 95% humidity. But for now, that too is a fond memory!  A few fun experiments are here.

Where's the Sunshine????

Where's the Sunshine????


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