World Cup Pas De Deux

Guenter Seidel and Elizabeth Ball as the Phantom and his lady.

Guenter Seidel and Elizabeth Ball as the Phantom and his lady.

The Pas De Deux was entertaining to say the least.  It is obvious that all the riders put a lot of effort into their costumes, themes and choreography, but Guenter Seidel on Fandango and Elizabeth Ball riding Orion  were over the top in all categories in their rendition of Phantom of the Opera. The pair did a stirrup to stirrup half pass and near perfect matching footfalls in all their movements. Elizabeth was splendid in a wedding dress draped over Orion’s rump and Guenter was the Phantom. They topped off the performance when Guenter pulled a rose out of his sleeve to present to Elizabeth as they rode up the center line to a perfect halt.

Debbie McDonald on Felix and Adrienne Lyle on Wizard had a fun ride to a jazzy Blues Brothers theme in their sparkling red and black costumes. Wizard put on quite a show for us.

The third pair were Charlotte Brehdahl on Liberty Light and Charlotte Nielson on Mid West Decapo in electric blue costumes to the tune of Saturday Night Fever.

The judges had a lot of fun, and in American Idol manner, the audience had a clap meter to have their input into the placings, which had Guenter and Elizabeth clearly in first, followed by the two Charloettes in second and the Debbie and Adrienne in third.


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