US Wins World Cup!

Steffen and Ravel's Freestyle

Steffen and Ravel's Freestyle

Steffen Peters and Ravel kept their magic going into the World Cup Freestyle Saturday night at the Thomas Mack Center in Las Vegas. Anky Van Grunsven and Isabelle Werth both had errors in their tempis, leaving the door open for the American pair. The crowd was hushed and the tension in the air was palatable as they began their test. When they made that last halt on the center line the crowd exploded. The impression was one of relaxation and harmony in spite of the closeness of the arena.

Mystery Box

Mystery Box

The Rolex Corporation hosted a cocktail party for the press before the Freestyle competition began. It was a very nice affiar. Gave us all a chance to mingle without our cameras or our computers in front of us. The fun began when we got back to the media center and opened out gifts from them. It became a contest to decipher the use of the green box with a waved piece that sat in the middle and a hole in the bottom to remove that piece. The guesses were everything from a photo frame to a jewelry box. Of course we were all sure they simply forgot to put the watch in the box!

Anky Van Grunsven on ISP Painted Black

Anky Van Grunsven on ISP Painted Black

Back to the competition, Anky and Painted Black put in a beautiful performance. He is a special horse and I am sure we will be hearing many wonderful things from this pair. His lightness and power were showcased in the extended trot, a joy to photograph. Isabell and Satchmo had a solid test with a mistake in the tempis, however Isabell seems to think the judges didn’t score her high enough.  So, it’s either the photographers clicking or the judges not giving a fair score. There appears to be a pattern here.


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2 Responses to US Wins World Cup!

  1. Susan says:

    Another advantage that Steffen had over the others was the level of difficulty in his choreography. The hit of his ride (for me) was the half pass at the extended passage. Breathtaking, and gave him a clear boost over the others.

  2. reephoto says:

    Hi Susan, His choreography was fabulous wasn’t it?! The extended passage half pass was my favorite element too!

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