The Joys of Puppyhood



Last year I lost my long time friend and companion McKenzie. He was a goofy fellow that brought much love and laughter into our lives. I was often asked what breed he was, the answer of which was “Resturant Dog”. My daughter brought him home one evening after leaving work. She was 16 and it was her first real job, a hostess at a new upscale resturant . She turned on the overhead light in my bedroom, which is a no-no, then dumped this puppy in the middle of my bed. He was pudgy with these funny ears and a bright expression, white with black spots, and covered in dirt. He had been under her jeep when she left work and some local kids were throwing rocks at him. After I fussed at her about bringing yet another dog home from the streets, we decided he looked like Spuds McKenzie and thus named him McKenzie.

He quickly grew much larger than Spuds and his ears began to lay down. He was a handsome fellow, we think part Catahoula and part Bulldog, but that’s just a guess. He made us laugh so much as he went threw puppyhood. We had another foundling at the time, Rodeo (breed Road Ditch Dog) that was full of energy and loved to run and play. He would try to get McKenzie to run with him, and McKenzie would try to keep up on his short little puppy legs, but soon figured out that Rodeo was going to come back around, so he would run half way, sit down and wait for Rodeo to come back, then he’d run half way again, and wait for him to come back.

I called them my Thoroughbred and my Draft Horse. McKenzie was just not a sensitive sort. He would lay on the patio under the chairs. I would look out the window to see a chair going across the yard. He would be totally unaware there was a chair on his back. Then he decided laying on the glass topped table was a good idea and no matter how many times he was chased off that table when I would come home he would be on top of it. Eventually he got heavy enough to bend the little legs, so I would turn it upside down to keep him from breaking the glass. I told him with my luck he would only cause lots of vet bills! He was such a loving dog and I miss him still.

I made the mistake of telling my daughter that I missed not having a large dog in the yard, even though we had 3 other dogs. Within a day, I had this odd looking puppy, with big feet and a funny face. He is choclate with beedy eyes, and webbed feet. His Dad was a large black Labador Retriever and his Mom an American Bulldog. I decided his breed is Bullador!


Aren't I handsome?!

The kids named him Jake. He grew rather fast and has a goofy, sweet personality. Everyone loves him, most guess he is part Bull Mastiff because of his unusual face. He has the largest feet I’ve seen on a dog. The last trip to the vet, for his “brain surgery” he was over 100#’s.

Jake Running

Jake Running


The Victim

Unfortunately he hasn’t outgrown his puppy chewing. We tried to keep a large leather bone to pacify him at night, but it was getting expensive! He would go through a large bone a night! So, I bought this hard rubber hollow bone that you can put peanut butter in. It worked great! He loved the peanut butter! Well, it lasted a week. This morning I discovered a bit of hard rubber on the floor, he had enlarged the hole…. it’s still less expensive than the leather bones! Guess I’ll be making a trip to the pet store today.


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