Cajun Dressage

Louisiana is a very unique state. We have lots of things that set us apart from the rest of the nation. The French and Spanish influence is very strong here. We do not have Counties as most of the nation does, we have Parishes and yes, it began as Church Parishes then carried over to area government. Our laws were based on Napoleonic code….till recently! Hunting and fishing are a way of life, a staple of existence for many people here still. At one time is was the way the people in the coastal areas made their living, before oil, but now it is a passionate hobby.

I was at a local dressage show, Le Bon Temps and the usual “bell” to start the test had a unique and unusual sound. Definitely not a bell or a whistle. I had heard that sound many times growing up, it was a duck call! The judge was sitting in a very roomy, glassed in, air conditioned judges stand with the announcer and the riders could not hear the usual devices so our amicable announcer, Andy Jones, happened to have his duck call in his truck. I guess we should be thankful he didn’t offer the use of the shot gun!

The Starting Bell

The Starting Bell

The show was held at Amen Corner Farm, a beautiful show ground with lots of white fencing, green grass, roomy stalls and Southern hospitality.


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2 Responses to Cajun Dressage

  1. Bob P says:

    Tremendous a great idea! OK! so at next years WEG (World Equestrian Games) in Kentucky will the start of each test begin with a blast of Blue Grass music from a fiddle or squeeze box?

  2. reephoto says:

    Hi Bob, Who knows. It could be the first few bars of My Old Kentucky Home or the bugle call to the it will be in Lexington.

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