WEG day 5

I never thought I could get tired photographing horses, but I have to say I was happy to have a day “off” yesterday. I was exhausted from all the driving, walking,  toting big lenses and processing. However, MY batteries are recharged and I am looking forward to the Dressage Freestyle tonight.

All of the horses are spectacular, but the top three from the Grand Prix Special were just amazing to watch and photograph. They were so precise, rhythmical and expressive. Simply poetry in motion.

Here is our beloved Ravel and Steffen Peters, bringing home the Bronze Medal. The first individual medal for the United States in World Equestrian Games competition.

Steffen Peters and Ravel

Great Britian’s Laura Bechtolsheimer on Mistral Hojris put in a beautiful performance. So smooth, it was like watching well seasoned dance partners.

Laura Bechtolsheimer on Mistral Hojris

Then the horse we were all waiting for rode in and the crowd was electric. Edward Gal on Moorland’s Totilas has been breaking a lot of records.

Edward Gal on Moorlands Totilas


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