Ho Ho Ho… Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again…. the lights are on the tree, the streets are full of red and green decorations. It’s so festive and brings back childhood memories. I remember making paper chains and stringing popcorn to put on our tree. We had those bubble lights that fascinated me, and shiny glass ornaments and lots of icicles… it was the prettiest tree in the whole world. It was also the hugest thing I’d ever seen…always, of course we lived in an ordinary house with 8 foot ceilings, so it was probably no larger than 6.5 feet. My mother believed in the 12 days of Christmas, and we followed that as close as she could manage. We’d have a blast decorating the tree, singing Christmas carols and drinking.. hot chocolate for us.. something stronger for the adults (wink). My Dad in his very best Dean Martin crooner voice, singing White Christmas.

I remember very little of the gifts I received, but I have a trove of wonderful memories of the people and rituals of Christmas.

So slow down, take the time to decorate that tree with loved ones. Sing a Christmas carol, have a cup of good cheer and spread the greatest gift of all… love.


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Professional Equine Photographer, Member of the Vision 18 Collective, NPPA, NAPP, Editorial Photographers
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