Meet Jewel

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I drove up to the farm with a mixture of dread and anticipation in my heart. I was there to document the progress of a few survivors of a rescue of over 60 horses from a thoroughbred farm where they were starving to death, literally. Several groups stepped in to find temporary homes for these poor horses.  The Louisiana Horse Rescue Association was one of the groups and I offered to help.  I had not seen the horses in person yet and was dreading seeing these poor suffering creatures, knowing that many had perished even after they were picked up.  But there was also joy, as one of the mares was able to deliver a healthy, if small, foal just two days before.  This 40 pound filly was to be my subject today.

They led her out of the stall by her dams side , clad in a pink dog coat, as they were unable to locate a foal blanket small enough to fit her.  My heart was immediately smitten. This little girl was a pistol! Running around the  mare tossing her head, kicking up her heels. She came over to check me and that big camera out. Very bold and sure of herself for such a young foal and a miracle! She was the jewel hidden inside this tragedy.

So here she is, meet Jewel!


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Professional Equine Photographer, Member of the Vision 18 Collective, NPPA, NAPP, Editorial Photographers
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5 Responses to Meet Jewel

  1. Kim Vickrey says:

    i love this story and love the images even more!!!! can’t wait to see more!

  2. Carol says:

    Oh Ree!…..great pics! 🙂

  3. Unbeleivably precious photos Marie. Thank You.

  4. Terri Miller says:

    She is just darling! Lovely shots, Ree!

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